Color Chart3 1.0

Color Chart3 1.0


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Date Added:05 March, 2014

Author: rakudoor

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This application is used to display CMYK Color Chart.

A wonderful dictionary app suitable for anyone who deals with colors,including web designers,bloggers,print designers and virtually anyone who uses colors to publish.

Touch the color block ,you wil seet the RGB values,HSB values, and the CMYK values of the color.


K:Key plate


Question from leppi25:
But I found out, that the CMYK-values don't correspond to the other values (RGB, HSB and HEX),
in the way they do in my Photoshop CS4

For Example:
according to Color Chart2 "M:30/Y:30" equals "FFB2B2"
But according to Photoshop "M:30/Y:30" equals "F2D1BC"

Answer :
There are several types of CMYK - Working Space in photoshop
color management.So the HEX values will be different when CMYK - Working Space changes.

And Color Chart 1~4 convert color in a general way.

You can check the result in this two site:

Thank you very much.



The list of Color Chart:

C:0 M:0-100 Y:0-100 K:0
C:0-100 M:0 Y:0-100 K:0
C:0 M:0 Y:0-100 K:0-100
C:0 M:0-100 Y:0 K:0-100
C:0-100 M:0 Y:0 K:0-100
C:0-100 M:0-100 Y:0 K:0

C,Y:0-100 M:10 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:20 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:30 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:40 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:50 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:60 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:70 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:80 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:90 K:0
C,Y:0-100 M:100 K:0

C,Y:0-100 M:0 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:10 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:20 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:30 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:40 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:50 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:60 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:70 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:80 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:90 K:10
C,Y:0-100 M:100 K:10

C,Y:0-100 M:0 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:10 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:20 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:30 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:40 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:50 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:60 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:70 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:80 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:90 K:20
C,Y:0-100 M:100 K:20

C,Y:0-100 M:0 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:10 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:20 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:30 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:40 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:50 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:60 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:70 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:80 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:90 K:30
C,Y:0-100 M:100 K:30

C,Y:0-100 M:0 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:10 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:20 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:30 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:40 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:50 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:60 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:70 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:80 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:90 K:40
C,Y:0-100 M:100 K:40

C,Y:0-100 M:0 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:10 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:20 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:30 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:40 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:50 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:60 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:70 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:80 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:90 K:50
C,Y:0-100 M:100 K:50

System Requirements: Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation).

Systems: iOS

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